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Why attend business event

  • Great Speakers

    Experience insights from industry pioneers at the forefront of iGaming and gaming. Our lineup includes leaders and experts ready to share their groundbreaking ideas and strategies, offering a glimpse into the future of digital entertainment.

  • Networking

    Our event is a prime opportunity for professionals to connect, share ideas, and forge valuable relationships. Engage with a diverse community of developers, marketers, and industry visionaries, enhancing your network and discovering potential collaborations.

  • New People

    Discover a vibrant community passionate about iGaming and gaming. Meet individuals from various backgrounds, share experiences, and build connections that extend beyond the event, enriching your professional and personal life.

  • Have Fun

    Immerse yourself in an entertaining environment where education meets excitement. Enjoy competitive gaming, live performances, and interactive displays that celebrate the essence of gaming culture, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

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What is the IGI?

The aforementioned "iGaming & Gaming International Expo" (IGI) event is an innovative gathering designed to bring together professionals, enthusiasts and companies from the iGaming and gaming industries.

Business opportunity

This event represents a unique opportunity for participants from diverse areas within these sectors, including game developers, online betting operators, investors, and technology brands, to connect, share knowledge and explore the latest trends and innovations.


At IGI, e-sports takes center stage, with electrifying tournaments, debates with digital sports stars and insights from experts. It is the stage to explore the future of e-sports, uniting enthusiasts, athletes and professionals around the passion for competitive gaming.

Online Courses

The IGI event platform offers exclusive online courses, covering topics such as game marketing, game development and e-sports strategies. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts looking for improvement and valuable insights directly from digital entertainment industry leaders.

Beautiful city

Florianópolis, the Island of Magic and headquarters of IGI Expo, is recognized as the Brazilian "Silicon Valley", a center of innovation and technology. With its paradisiacal beaches and vibrant startup ecosystem, the city attracts talent and investors, perfectly blending business and leisure. The choice of Florianópolis for the expo highlights the synergy between the digital industry and the city's inspiring environment.

Quality Affiliates

IGI Expo brings together the best and most qualified affiliates in the iGaming industry, promoting a unique opportunity for networking, learning and partnerships. These professionals are essential for the expansion and success of the market, bringing innovative strategies and valuable insights to the event.

Global Connection: IGI Expo Reaches the World

IGI Expo promises unprecedented outreach, reaching a vast and diverse audience through a comprehensive media strategy. Partnerships with TV channels, radio stations, internet portals and social networks guarantee exceptional visibility for the event, participants, companies and sponsors. Furthermore, all expo content, including e-sport tournaments, lectures, courses and the fair, will be broadcast live on its own platform. This live streaming effort, accessible to more than 150,000 people across the three-day event, underscores IGI Expo’s commitment to offering an inclusive and immersive experience, allowing enthusiasts from around the world to participate in this revolutionary event in the heart of the world. Brazilian Silicon Valley, Florianópolis.


Event Speakers

Alessandro Lisboa

Alessandro Lisboa

CEO/ Founder Games Latam Magazine
    Leonardo Batista

    Leonardo Batista

    CEO & Co-Founder at Pay4Fun Payment Services
      Filipe Rodrigues

      Filipe Rodrigues

      Palestrante, autor, professor, advogado
        André Vinícius

        André Vinícius

        Diretor comercial at Control F5


          About speakers, exhibitors and events

          IGI Expo is a landmark in the digital entertainment industry, standing out for its innovative fair, inspiring talks and a diversity of exhibitors. At the fair, more than 200 exhibitors showcase the latest in technology, games and iGaming solutions, offering attendees a unique insight into the trends and products that are shaping the future. Lectures, delivered by renowned experts, cover a wide range of topics, from game development to digital marketing and engagement strategies, providing valuable learning and insights. Together, the fair, lectures and exhibitors create an immersive experience, enriching participants' knowledge and stimulating dialogue about innovation and growth in the industry.

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          • Fair entry pass, on-site and online lectures + all IGI events + content recorded online for life




          • Fair entry pass, on-site and online lectures + all IGI events + Food and Drinks + content recorded online for life

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